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Nutritional Philosophy

A cornerstone of our nutritional philosophy is that dogs evolved from carnivores, so they should be fed accordingly. That's why we use only high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken or lamb—not vegetables—as the primary source of protein in Eukanuba® nutrition.

And that’s why it helps bring out the best in your pet every day.

Our contribution to nutritional science has helped millions of pets be the best they can be. And our nutritional range includes special veterinary prescription diets and nutrition tailored for life stage, breed size, sensitivities, and activity levels.

The knowledge and respect we have for the various nutritional needs of different dog breeds has led to partnerships with breeders and their key organizations, too. We’re also working in partnership with several highly recognized and trusted canine organizations, such as the American Kennel Club® (AKC) and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and we’re “Partners of Excellence” with many European kennel federations, including The Kennel Club.

At Eukanuba, our philosophy on pet nutrition has not wavered for 40 years: We feed dogs how we believe nature intended them to eat.