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Adult Dog Guide: Healthy Dog Coat

Healthy Coat, Healthy Dog

Your dog’s coat is an indicator of her overall health. Without enough protein, or the right balance of other nutrients, her fur won’t be as shiny and lustrous as it should.

Most dogs shed—a lot. In fact, some dogs grow 100 feet of fur each day. Growing and shedding her coat takes a lot of energy; nearly 30% of her protein requirement is used solely for this purpose.

That’s why it’s important to watch her nutritional intake. The nutrients she receives are delivered to her muscles first. So if her fur (and skin) is dull and dry, something is missing from her diet. Lucky for you both, there's Eukanuba®. While we can't promise our food will stop the shedding, we can promise that the fur left behind will retain its shine.

How to Ensure a Healthy Dog Coat

Your dog's coat protects her from the elements, and from parasites, too. That’s why it is critical that her fur be in top condition. Eukanuba adds a precise balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat. You can further improve her coat with regular grooming. You can learn more by reading Grooming Basics for a Healthy, Happy Dog

A healthy coat will serve your dog well in many ways. In fact, your dog’s coat:

  • Is eight times warmer than wool
  • Is fire resistant
  • Wards off dirt
  • Repels static

So feed your dog a healthy diet and the world will know—just by looking at her coat.